The "Let Your Voice Be Heard" poster competition, hosted by Karrie Simpson Voth's History of Graphic Design class in collaboration with the American Democracy Project, showcases a selection of posters. Out of 85 entries, only 60 were chosen for public display and voting. I am grateful to have had all 5 of my posters showcased, and I am honored to have received an honorable mention and 4th place award.
As part of a civic engagement curriculum, these posters aim to raise awareness about political and social issues at the state, national, and global levels. Students design talents are utilized to express their personal opinions on these matters. However, it should be noted that any opinions or statements made in this class assignment do not reflect the views of Fort Hays State University.


Style: Swiss

“Is this the Only Choice?”
This past summer, Roe V. Wade was overturned. With the ruling, a woman’s right to choose was taken away. The options women are left with are limited. Ultimately, this ruling will end up killing more women in the end. But, what choice do we have left when the options are gone?
*The woman symbol hangs off the edge of the printed poster (which is depicted as such).


Style: Conceptual Image

Firearms have become the leading cause of death for children in the United States. Much of the contribution is school shootings. Yet, the United States has yet to do anything about current gun laws. How many more kids don’t get to come home from school for our country and our government to finally make a change?

Style: Post Modernism

“Work Like a Dog to Live Like One”
“Working like a dog” is a phrase that is commonly used in the workforce, no matter the field. What happens when you “work like a dog”, and nothing comes of it? The cost of living is becoming ridiculously high and unattainable. Many people “work like a dog” and don’t know if they are going to be able to afford electricity each month. How long will we continue to “work like a dog” only to live like one?
Style: Dadaism

“Smart”, “Fierce”, and “Genius”, are words that former President Donald Trump has used to describe China’s President, Xi Jinping, and Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin. Despite his praise, these people have committed various human rights violations and killed thousands of people. Trump’s love and admiration for these characters have not dwindled despite this information. The leader of the free world should be careful who they crawl in bed with.
Style: Digital Revolution

“Can You Spot the Tranny”
Sports in America is one of the most prominent forms of entertainment. Everyone has grown up knowing sports, and some fall in love with a sport. There are also kids who are experiencing confusing times feeling like they were born into the wrong body. These kids should not have to sacrifice being themselves or the sport that they fell in love with because some people cannot open their minds. Let them play.

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