TIME: 2 Weeks
Concept: 75 Cent Project
This has always been one of my favorite projects to do. The idea of the "75 cent Project" is to take an item that totals to 75 Cents, and make fun new packaging. 
I chose to do dice. I had a lot of trouble in the beginning deciding what my packaging was going to be. I loved of making my packaging a dice roller. I brainstormed and landed on a house. To make the packaging look like a house, and have the dice tumble down some stairs. After I announced the idea to my peers, one suggested something along the lines of gambling since dice can be associated with gambling. Thus, the slot machine.
I used my packaging to make a statement about generational gambling addiction, while also allowing for a unique packaging design. The dice sit in a small window, and roll backwards once the handle is pulled.

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